Your client's expectations are high, and so are our standards for selecting 3v's family of products. We only use manufacturers that meet our high expectations, and will only supply you with highly durable materials, outstanding workmanship and expertly-engineered products. This attention to detail will ensure the long-lasting finish of your design while reflecting our commitment to design and precision engineering. 

We understand the importance of high quality, durable finishes and only supply the very best sustainable products. You can choose from our palette of standard finishes or work with our team to specify a bespoke finish for a look that matches your design vision.



Our extensive range of products are made using precision engineering and the latest technology. This attention to detail is not only visible in the beautiful finishes on the outside of the products, but also followed through to the functionality inside.


Quality Materials

Our most popular raw material is high quality stainless steel which has excellent anti-corrosion properties and offers supreme reliability against all weathering. Its scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean surface ensures products look good for years to come.



All our ironmongery is designed to withstand the rigors of a high-use environment day in, day out. The combination of durable materials and thoughtful design ensures high quality cost-effective products designed to last the test of time.



The cornerstone of our sustainability strategy is to provide high quality products with a long product life while using readily recyclable raw materials. We believe that providing durable products with a significantly extended working life makes clear environmental sense, compared to a product made of inferior materials that requires replacing more often.